Political activity

I joined the student association Rete degli Universitari Bologna in February 2014 and I immediately found an environment where I could feel free to express my interests, taking part directly to the cultural life of the University of Bologna. Between April and May 2014, I organized a series of seminars on LGBT immigration and a final event for the International day against homo-bi-transphobia.

From this first successful experience, I decided to propose my seminar to the School of Political Sciences and it was included in the BA programme in International, Social and Political Sciences for two editions, in theĀ A.Y 2014/2015 andĀ A.Y. 2015/2016. The seminar provided a traversal approach to the topic, from a socio-anthropological, political, legal and humanitarian point of view.

Since LGBT issues were one of my main interests, in November 2014, along with Le Cose Cambiano and Diversity, I co-founded an internal work-group on equal rights called Progetto Prisma, that organized many events and conferences on different topics, from an intersectional perspective. After two intense years of activity, the group decided to broad their action to human rights.

Along with EastJournal, in November 2015 I also organized a cycles of conferences on Bosnia-Herzegovina. We dealt with the post-Dayton consequences on the political and social life of the country, with the process of EU integration and with the future of the country, in particular referring to the last political elections and the social revolts of 2013.

In May 2016, I took part to the local university elections and I was elected in the Student Council of the University and in the Department of Social and Political Sciences.

In January 2017, I decided to conclude my political experience to concentrate on my studies and on my future.