Since January 2013, Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina have never left my personal and academic life. The first time I visited the city, I could hardly understand where I was and what the past of the country was. I looked around and the remembrance of the “recent war”, as they call it, was everywhere. The only thing I could do was capturing what was around me with my photographs.

Bosnian Scars (July 2013)

© Lidia Bonifati

When I got home, I started to study and, in January 2016, I attended a trip to Sarajevo organized by the CCSDD and I could talk to diplomats, experts, judges, journalists and slowly I could learn more about the past, but especially about the present and the future of Bosnia. Once again, I had my camera with me and I tried to retrace the city I knew, trying to notice if I was looking Sarajevo with the same eyes.

Take Her Back (January 2016)

© Lidia Bonifati